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Control Station

Control Station was founded on the campus of the University of Connecticut in 1988 by Dr. Douglas Cooper.

The company was among the first to introduce software simulations to the Chemical Engineering curriculum, immersing students in a dynamic and more intuitive learning experience. Since its introduction the company’s software-based training solution has been licensed to 100s of colleges and universities worldwide, and it remains the cornerstone of a training and skills development offering for academics and industry practitioners alike.

We lead the industry in PID controller tuning solutions. The design of our tuning products are intuitive and have been recognized with awards for their ease-of-use. Equally important, they’re innovative.

In 2006 we eliminated the steady-state requirement which previously forced practitioners to steady their processes before software could be used to tune a PID control loop. With introduction of our Non-Steady-State (NSS) Modeling Innovation, we made it possible to accurately model the noisy, oscillatory process conditions that are typical of industrial applications. Control Station’s tuning solutions remain the only suite of products capable of tuning NSS conditions whether the loop is operated in open- or closed-loop as well as with either integrating or non-integrating process.

  • PlantESP – Control Loop Performance Monitoring Solution
  • LOOP-PRO – PID Loop Tuning Technology
  • Consulting – Expert Services

Finally – tune your facility’s most dynamic and challenging PID control loops for optimal performance.

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