Brodie Oil and Gas

New Appointment – Rotork Reseller

Rotork products are designed for applications in virtually all upstream, midstream and downstream activities, ranging from offshore production, pipelines and storage facilities all the way through to the distribution and transportation of finished products via pipelines or vessels.

Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related flow control equipment for every part of the oil and gas industry, including production, processing, distribution and storage. Our products control hundreds of thousands of valves in plants across the world. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh environments and extreme conditions to which they are routinely exposed.

The slow growth of everything is implied by evolution. Through mentioning that, Brodie has developed to expand the industry by introducing not only new products, but also new brands. ROTORK, is our newly brand range, which has a very powerful Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Electricity foundation.